Adding VALUE to People's Lives Using Technology and Relationships.

About Us:

We help people achieve their goals by adding VALUE to the entrepreneur's life.  This is achieved by tapping into the networks resources in a magnitude of ways.  The team is close and we strive to instill values and growth goals. We do what works for you.  Sign up for a free trial and we will be in touch within 24 Hours. 



  • CSE is a professional network of Friends and Entrepreneurs looking to add value and create a future for ourselves and others. 
  • CSE feeds homeless
  • CSE donates to charity
  • CSE creates jobs
  • CSE creates recurring monthly income (3 Month guarentee or we Pay you $100.00 via Venmo or Paypal)
  • There is no limit to the amount you can make and you own your residuals for life. 


  • The average CSE partner makes $162.00 per month after 3 months of joining our network.


We believe in personal networks and that face to face relationships are more important than anthing else.  We use several 3rd party software apps to keep us on track. You will receive personalized training and support to show you how! We have to-do's to complete and your payouts are based on results.  You can build your residual income at your pace while meeting your goals and providing a meal to homeless people. You will be assigned a personal mentor that will check on you to make sure you are adding VALUE to the team on a weekly basis. 

Call us to sign up! We like talking to you and helping your in your journey to success!